Reflexology for Migraines

Say the term migraine and many migraineurs will reflexively cringe in remembered discomfort, their final frustration still vibrant in their recollection. Say the word reflexology to them and also you will likely get yourself a blank stare. A recent (2006) research in Denmark indicates that migraineurs who have more familiar with reflexology are less likely to cringe reflexively in the mention of migraines.

Precisely what is reflexology?

Reflexology is a massage therapy technique based on the idea that every area of the body features a corresponding level on the sole of the foot and hand. Reflexologists think that massage therapy and arousal of such points on the foot can relieve stress and discomfort, and anxiety in the corresponding areas of the body.

Inside the Danish research included a mix of migraineurs and folks experiencing persistent pressure severe headaches. Roughly 90% of people who participated in the analysis admitted to getting prescribed medication in the month prior to the review specifically for their head aches. Right after the study, 19% of individuals mentioned they were able to stop taking medication for his or her head aches because of the remedy.

The study included a course of six to eight treatment options with monthly adhere to-up treatments thereafter for a period of six months. In the conclusion in the 6 months 23 Percent from the study participants said they were completely cured without any longer possessing severe headaches. Fifty-five percent of the individuals mentioned marked development in their condition—headaches were less frequent and less serious. A outstanding 78% in the study members discovered an improvement in their condition.

With a follow-up check three months following the verdict of the research 23% in the migraineurs mentioned they were treated. About 41 Percent mentioned they experienced their total well being was improved.

The treatments had been most beneficial on younger patients and people who had been encountering migraines for any reduced time period.